“Steve is with his expertise a great resource for information and given his excellent communication skills and flexible work style a great person to work with. His ability to analyze problem situations and finding work arounds or identifying the key problem was one of his skills that was very helpful while dealing with the integration of new ideas in existing large company environments.” — Carsten Melberg, Siemens

“Steve has the ability to quickly assess the strategic aspects of an engagement. He is especially adept at focusing on what needs to happen in order to effect change, he does not get lost in the weeds. Steve is as adept with the mathematical aspects of a business analysis as he is with the facilitation and process aspects of an engagement. Put simply, Steve is the whole package, excellent facilitator, superb business analyst and and EQ higher than the average consultant. I highly recommend Steve to anyone looking for results.” — Doug Lyons, Clere Consulting

“Steve has successfully partnered with BI as a contract service provider for over a decade. He has specialized for us in building plans to optimize channel and operational productivity. BI has used his consulting and facilitation skills to engage both national and international leadership teams in the design and execution of global account management playbooks, replicable business models and innovative business strategies.” — Kevin Crowley, BI Worldwide

“Steve Schewe has consulted with our organization for over 5 years. His diverse experience has allowed him to network and work within multiple divisions of our business. He is an exceptional facilitator of executive meetings and strategy sessions and is quite adept at managing the dynamics of a group toward achieving desired results. He is a versatile business partner focused on helping the business – as well as its people – to grow. He is a trusted colleague and friend and I highly recommend consulting Steve as you develop your business proposals and plans.” — Clark Day, Answers & Insights Market Research (previously at Roche Diagnostics)


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