The virtual technology team of a Europe-based multinational were trapped between the organization’s desires to cut IT costs and implement the next generation of technology to create competitive advantages in collaboration and mobility. 


Designed and facilitated four global IT conferences.  Working with the client’s worldwide virtual team of technologists, our contribution included consulting on how to assess and communicate business value of information technology, conference design, coaching and editing of presentations and of a written reference on the new technology and its business value, facilitation of the conferences, and development of a flash video that introduced the virtual team and communicated conference objectives.


We organized global IT conferences in Singapore, Redmond, Madrid, and Munich.  CIOs, technology planners, and strategists from the operating companies of the client attended each conference.  The technology presented the capabilities and business value of new Microsoft technology, how it fit with the client’s business strategies and IT directions, and how regional teams could partner with the corporate CIO’s office to promote successful implementations with tangible business value.   We delivered tools to support IT requirements and resource discussions, including:

  • CIO & Microsoft executive keynotes
  • Roadmaps & information on the latest IT megatrends
  • Technology showcases and demonstrations
  • Client-specific scenarios identifying business value
  • Workshop with implementation plan case study and workbook on deployment


Besides the opportunity to network with their peers about deployment strategies, these sessions equipped the attendees to accelerate their profitable deployment of the latest IT technologies.  The conferences increased awareness and understanding of the business value of these technologies, as based on post-conference surveys.

View this case study as a PDF.


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