A large bank holding company with multiple sales forces calling on community banks had instituted a cross-selling and referral initiative.  In their various divisions, there were over thirty product lines that could be part of cross-selling.  The goal was to grow all lines of business by providing introductions across existing sales channels.  Launched two years ago, the results lagged behind expectations.  The questions were “Why?” and “What next?”


Encouragetech interviewed widely to discover why participants were not:

  • Aligning their work with the desired corporate cross-selling strategy.
  • Using the CRM* platform that had been installed to share prospecting information
  • Participating productively in the referral initiative.


  • Encouragetech used its go-to-market interviews and research to identify the drivers and barriers to cross selling within the organization.
  • Encouragetech analyzed qualitative and quantitative data from the CRM and the referrals program to plot trends in use by business, comparing performance to industry benchmarks.
  • Encouragetech mapped sharing of information, the flow of referrals, and rewards for cross-selling to identify snags that acted as disincentives to program participation.
  • Using its change management approach, Encouragetech recommended seven strategies that, if implemented, would reduce “barrier” behaviors, motivate new “driver” behaviors, and provide tools to achieve cross-selling goals.
  • Important to implementation planning were one-to-one meetings with senior executives in each division to share the data and get their buy-in for changes.
  • Finally, Encouragetech documented the plan, outlining the risks in the go-to-market strategy.


The Bank’s leaders agreed that the seven strategic recommendations would indeed create the enhanced performance they wanted to achieve.  The go-to-market plan was implemented; average sales per week increased by 67.5% in six months.

View this case study as a PDF.


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