Marketing Channel


The U.S. subsidiary of a global eyeglass manufacturer wanted to stimulate primary demand for its products with independent eye care professionals.  Increasing consolidation caused by acquisitions of independent labs and the expansion of big-box retail had depressed the incomes of traditional optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians and eroded the loyalty of the remaining laboratories.  The customer’s goal was to understand the channel’s needs and how it could address those needs in an effective national sales meeting.  They wanted to energize their distributors’ representatives so those reps could deliver business building tools in sales calls.


Encouragetech interviewed widely in the channel to discover and understand business drivers.


  • Encouragetech used its go-to-market interviews and research to identify the drivers and barriers to business building among these eye care providers.
  • Encouragetech analyzed qualitative and quantitative data gathered in the assessment to plot trends, comparing performance to industry benchmarks.
  • Encouragetech designed a curriculum for the national sales meeting that would provide practical tools based on the eye care providers’ needs.
  • Using its change management approach, Encouragetech recommended seven strategies that, if implemented, would reduce “barrier” behaviors, motivate new “driver” behaviors, and provide tools to achieve the client’s goals.
  • Important to implementation planning were one-to-one meetings with senior executives at the manufacturer and in the sales channel to share the data and get their buy-in for changes.
  • Finally, Encouragetech implemented the plan in the national sales meeting.


Reps delivered business planning tools that built new relationships and loyalty.  Revenue on two specific eye care products in the target channel increased 22% and 9% during that year.

View this case study as a PDF.


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